MJ Sawyer - Balancing Brain Chemistry llc


MJ Sawyer MJ Sawyer has healed herself of a wide variety of addictions, damaging affects of abuse, and life threatening physical ailments. A relentless thirty-six year battle with treatment-resistant rapid cycling bipolar disorder, OCD, symptoms of autism and panic disorder, inspired MJ to use her body as a laboratory to find solutions for balancing her brain chemistry without the use of medications. The methods that she used to clear imbalances in the physical body, to address and tame emotions, to bring peace to a tortured mind, and to mend an estranged relationship with the Divine now constitute the healing work she offers others.

An inexorable quest for knowledge led to MJ's extensive education in anatomy, psychology, and social and behavioral sciences. A desire to restore her connection to Spirit has been fulfilled through decades of Native American healing practices. Majoring in theater at Indiana University and subsequent serious studies in the performing arts bolstered a career she enjoyed for many years as a professional actress in New York and Los Angeles. This eclectic background has contributed to the wisdom, skill and flair she is known to exhibit as a public speaker and workshop facilitator.

Dedication to finding amelioration from suffering gave rise to MJ's work as a vibrational sound healer/therapeutic counselor. Facilitating her own healings for addictions, physical ailments, the ramifications of abuse and mental disorders furnished a firm foundation for her success in assisting individual clients in the United States, Europe and Australia.

MJ's article, "Heal Brain Chemistry Disorders without Drugs. You Can. I Swear. I Did." published as a chapter in the co-authored book, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health, brings awareness to those who seek new approaches to overcoming what is often considered an insurmountable plight. The demand for the specific formula MJ uses to balance brain chemistry inspired her to write Choosing Sanity – An Unprecedented Guide in Healing Brain Chemistry Disorders without Medications. The full story of MJ's miraculous healing can be found in the forthcoming memoir, That Place Called Sane.